Important Directory Information

2018-2019 Directory Instructions (Action Needed by September 21st!)

The Langlade Directory is a great resource for contacting other Langlade families for play dates, birthday parties, and more!

We use an online resource called MySchool Anywhere to organize our information.  With a MySchoolAnywhere account or through the MSAnywhere App, you can have access to the Langlade Directory on the go.

There will also be a printed version sent home in October. To be included in the printed directory, please complete your registration or confirmation by September 21st!

Returning Families:  If you already have an account with MySchoolAnywhere, you should have received a data confirmation email on August 28th with a link to confirm your data. Make sure to select what teacher your student(s) have.

Families new to the directory:  click here to enter your family information.

Thank you,

Sarah Troup (
Directory Coordinator


Back to School BBQ

Back to School BBQ/Meet the Teacher – Students are encouraged to bring all their school supplies!

Wednesday, August 29, 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Sign up to volunteer!

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Pre-order Punch Card Form

The following is the menu for Parti Gras.

Each card has punches and items cost punches not cards. For example a $1 card has 3 punches so if you purchased a bag of chips, 2 punches would be used and you would have 1 punch remaining on your card.

The punch cards you pre-order are good for both games and food. **Punch cards can be purchased the night of the event as well. By offering you this presale option,it eliminates some the congestion at the ticket tables the night of the event.

    1. The cards are printed in denominations of $10, $5 or $1.
      • You may choose to put your name on each card, but it is not required.
      • The cards will be”punched”withapaperpunchwitheachusedependingonhowmanypunchesagameorfooditemcosts.For example,a game costing 2 punches will be”punched”twice or if you purchase food costing 15 punches, your ticket(s)will be”punched”fifteen times.
      • You will keep the same card with you until the entire card is used up and then you can throw it away or turn it in at the last place you use it.
      • The cards can be purchased in any combination of these denominations. For example, if you want

$30 worth of punches, you can ask for three $10 cards, or one $10 card, two $5 cards and ten $1 cards.

  1. Please note these cards are only for food and games. Raffle tickets are sold separately.

Family Name

Teacher’s Name

# of Punch Cards requested

$1 Punch Card

$5 Punch Card

$10 Punch Card

Total Amount of $Enclosed

** For every $10 purchased, you will receive a $1 card value FREE(worth 3 punches)**

(Example;If your purchase amount is $30, you will receive $3 FREE or 9 additional punches to use for food and games!)

Payments need to accompany this order form. Cash or check are acceptable and make checks out to The Langlade PTO.Send this form and your money back to school in an envelope addressed”PTO-Party Gras Punch Card Order“.The punch cards will be sent home with your child as payments are received.